I’m Christopher Peters. I’m a statistician living in Alabama.

I help build @zapier, a company I joined as its ninth employee. I started #data at the company and provided that function solo for its first two years. Over time, I’ve hired and worked alongside many talented co-workers, teams and departments to grow the company’s ability to help customers. Today, Data at the company is staffed by over thirty data workers and company over 350 employees. Zapier has grown quite large (#24 on the 2020 Cloud 100 list) and I’m very proud of the number of people it helps as a matter of course.

It makes me so proud to be able to use my skills to help people achieve their goals with fewer headaches using tools that help them succeed. While monetary rewards are nice, it’s the real value they’re sourced from that makes me the proudest.

Before joining zapier, I helped build a company designed to democratize coding, @treehouse.

Prior to my work as a data scientist, I was a research associate at LSU’s Center for Energy Studies where I was an energy economist. I’ve also consulted as an energy economist on a multitude of utility rate cases and adjudicated procedures.

I have a real passion for working with, sharing, visualizing and analyzing phenomena of all kinds using statistical, visual and machine learning tools and techniques.

My specialties are lie in survival analysis, reliability statistics, Bayesian analysis, visualization, software engineering, data architectures including instrumentation and data pipelines.

I’m a huge supporter of the free software movement and very grateful that I get to work in an unparalleled time of sharing.

If you’d like to reach me, please email me at .


replicate(1e4, rpois(50, 1)) %>%
colSums() %>%
enframe() %>%
{ ggplot(., aes(value)) +
geom_histogram(col = "black", binwidth = 1) +
stat_function(fun = function(x)
dnorm(x, mean(.$value), sd(.$value)) * 1e4, col = "red") } #rstats pic.twitter.com/uX49GjpaHL

— Christopher Peters 🚀 (@statwonk) January 5, 2020